The 2024 NZ Silver Fern 7 Day Rally will start from Christchurch on Friday 22nd November 2024, with Documentation and Scrutineering then drivers briefing all at the Riccarton Park Racecourse. 

There are three divisions of competition, the 2WD Historic Trophy, the 2WD Challenge and the 4WD Classic Rally. There is also a Time Trial and Tour options for those who want to experience the special stages with the protection of road closure ensuring no oncoming traffic. Both the Time Trial and the Tour will follow the same route as the competition field.

We have also reinstated the NZ Silver Frond 3 Day Rally. This event is for 2WD vehicles only and will cover the first three days starting in Christchurch and finishing in Timaru.  

In association with the Mainland Rally Championship organisers, we have put together The Mainland Two Day Rally, the One Day Rally of North Canterbury and the Westland Clubman’s Rally. These events are stand-alone options for the local competitors and have their own set of regulations. Cross entry into these events is automatic for qualifying vehicles entered in either the Silver Fern or Silver Frond competitions.   

The Event Programme and Overnight Stops:

Leg 1 will start on Saturday 23rd from Christchurch and finish in Christchurch.
Leg 2 will start on Sunday 24th from Christchurch and finish in Greymouth.
Leg 3 will start on Monday 25th from Greymouth and finish in Timaru.
Leg 4 will start on Tuesday 26th from Timaru and finish in Timaru.
Leg 5 will start on Wednesday 27th from Timaru and finish in Dunedin.
Leg 6 will start on Thursday 28th from Dunedin and finish in Dunedin.
Leg 7 will start on Friday 29th from Dunedin and finish in Wanaka.

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DAY 1 – Maps

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DAY 4 – Maps

DAY 5 – Maps

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