The Race4Life Trust

The Race4Life TRUST is a registered charity established in May 2015. This wonderful organisation fulfils the wishes of palliative care patients throughout New Zealand. They are committed to raising the spirits and well-being of persons living with life limiting medical conditions. Race4Life enables palliative care patients to realise dreams that they, and their families can cherish. Their mission is to make it happen, through the provision of events, activities and /or special social occasions.

“A wish is a gift of optimism and happiness at a time when people need it the most. For us to be able to fulfil wishes, is a privilege and makes such a difference for the wish recipient, their family and the community. A wish brings people together, provides a memorable experience and a connectedness of families and communities. The wish list service was opened in September 2015 and in its first year, the wishes of over 80 New Zealanders were fulfilled. This year, in 2018, the Trust has helped over 200 people living with life limiting illness, to realise their dreams. Currently the Race4Life Trust is a totally voluntary service that is funded through the generosity of supporters, businesses, donors, grants, volunteers and communites throughout New Zealand.”

The Ultimate Rally Group first cemented a relationship with Race4Life in February 2018. By bringing the Race4Life Team on board both of our Targa and Silver Fern events, this has opened up many opportunities to raise funds and awareness throughout the country. Please join us in supporting this beautiful charity.


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PO BOX 25842
St Helliers
Auckland 1142