The eligibility and classes have been created to allow for competition between similar vehicles in an atmosphere that is relaxed and informal. The historic classes recognise those cars that have previously been eligible for New Zealand Rally Championships and support the initiative commenced by MotorSport NZ in providing a competition for these cars.


For two wheel drive vehicles compliant with:

  • The Technical eligibility regulations for the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship for which a Historical Technical Passport (or equivalent) is required
    The Historic Technical eligibility regulation for Sporting Rallies of the ASN of the competitor for which a Historical Technical Passport (or equivalent) issued by the ASN is required. Or.
  • For vehicles compliant to MotorSport New Zealand Schedule RH (Rally Historic) for which a MotorSport NZ Certificate of description (COD) is required

Class A 0-1300cc
Class B 1301-1600cc
Class C 1601-2000cc
Class D over 2001cc


For two wheel drive vehicles compliant with the MotorSport New Zealand Schedule A safety regulations

Class E 0-1300cc
Class F 1301-1600cc
Class G 1601-2000cc
Class H over 2001cc

  • Note: A Competitor can only contest one class.
  • CC capacity is to be true capacity with allowance for 1.5mm overbore.
  • Vehicles driven by overseas competitors must comply with either the relevant FIA safety standards or MotorSport NZ Schedule A.