As you can imagine, the logistics required to run such an expansive event are huge. The time spent mapping roads, meeting with residents, speaking to Council’s, addressing schools and engaging with the local community can seem overwhelming. But that’s just the preparation; the real challenge begins at the start line.

From administration, documentation, scruitneering, marshalling, timing crews, community groups, qualified STMS people and key officials i.e safety, fire, medics, and other qualified motorsport personnel are needed. We need approximately 1000 volunteers for the event to operate, there is a role to suit anyone with a passion for motorsport.

Every official needs to be trained, organised and coordinated with great accuracy and seamless communication. We can’t do this on our own – the Silver Fern volunteers are the back bone for Silver Fern events to operate. If you want a close-up encounter with our drivers, crews and cars or simply want to be part of an event that supports your community, businesses and schools, then sign up and be a part of Silver Fern. Contact us now [email protected]