Welcome! What can we say about YOU, our spectator?

You’re certainly a dedicated bunch, hiking over hill and dale to get to a special vantage point, braving the wind and rain, and generally just making sure you’re there to cheer our boys and girls on, and ogle all the beautiful machinery. And your support at the service stops, lunch breaks and parc ferme is a huge inspiration to the teams and drivers who compete in this fantastic event.  This section of the Silver Fern Rally website is dedicated to YOU, our loyal fans!

We look forward to seeing you out and about at our next event, and encourage you to show your style-through humorous banners, fancy dress, or if that’s not you, just make sure your gumboots don’t have holes in them!!


  • Be Prepared! The weather conditions are changeable, so windbreakers, raincoats and sunscreen are a MUST!
  • Be Comfortable! With up to 60 plus cars passing, it all takes a bit of time for the event to go by, so a comfy seat, tarp or blanket is great to have.
  • Stay Hydrated! We recommend you bring snacks and drinks – REMEMBER – pack in AND pack out your waste! Don’t leave your rubbish behind.
  • Have Fun! Dress up, bring funny signs, wear a loud wig, set-up a funny display – we love it and so do our competitors.
  • Bring a Camera! We run contests for best action shot, best outfit, funniest photo, etc after an event, so bring your camera!


  • Always stand in a safe location and follow instructions of the Block Marshals.
  • Do not stand in a location where the racing line naturally will take a car should it leave the road. To be safe, up on a bank, behind a tree, behind a road barrier (above the corner) etc. is the best place to be.
  • Do not sit on the ground in areas on the same level as the road – you should only sit on embankments or high ground well above the road.
  • Always make sure you are in a safe position that allows you to respond quickly to potential danger to you – such as a car out of control.
  • In case of an accident, no matter how bad it may look, you must NEVER leave your position and run onto the course! The race is still going and competing cars are still coming with high speed. We have got the right people on the stage who will deal with the problem.
  • At all times, please follow the instructions of the Block Marshals.